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Ametrine Slabs
Third Eye Spiritual Supply Co.

Ametrine Slabs

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Talk about balance baby, these little powerhouses
bring the magic full force for the person who needs to
find their perfect medium!

Do you know what happens when a crystal has the
ability to motivate you to go hard as f%#* but also
come from a place of calm, possessing a beautiful
vision of clarity! Well let me tell you what happens
when working with ametrine and stepping into the role of being a bad ass!

You make major moves with your life, your career, your relationships , and your growth. You do it with a calm and centered energy! You do it knowing your in tune with the natural flow of life and you jump into that flow with grace and assertiveness! You don’t accept no, you accept yes because you can see both sides of the coin and visualize the entire picture before it’s played out in reality. You are a force already honey but when working with ametrine you are “THEE FORCE!”

We are huge fans of this material because it does what it looks like it does! Beauty and power! What more could one ask for!