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Welcome to Our Tribe!

Our crystal awakening began for us two years ago. We were extremely depressed, mentally ill, and emotionally drained. We were suffering from a spiritual deficiency. We had no clue where to start when it came to self-love, self-worth, and purpose. Almost instantly after receiving our first crystals (Brittani) (which was a clear quartz point) and (Jake) (which was a fluorite orb), we felt lighter; physically, mentally, and emotionally. The stress in our body became less overbearing and we didn’t feel so consumed by our thoughts and the negative influence they had on us.

We were falling in love with what was being revealed through working with crystals! This was mind blowing for us due to our lack of faith and lack of a spiritual belief system. Crystals gave us the proof I we were seeking. The belief that there was a way to connect with a power greater than ourselves...proof that mind and spirit healing can occur through crystal energy exchange.

Crystal’s became a major tool in transforming our entire life, pushing us in the direction of jump-starting an online business designed to offer high quality, intrinsic crystals available for affordable pricing so that everyone could have the opportunity to experience what we were!

Experiencing the magic through personal exposure, courses, and certifications we feel ready to answer our calling to help others gain the confidence and love to make a connection to crystals and learn how to use the energy force to further the process of healing mind and spirit. We want to use our personal experience and knowledge to help those struggling the way we once were! The transformation that has come into our live’s from crystal healing is something we want to share with the people who need it most. From starting this business, we have learned that spiritual healing is something that comes along with crystals!

Thank you for choosing Third Eye for your new Spiritual Supplies!