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Amber is jam packed with powerful life source energy! Wisdom, strength, and communication is locked in from its connection to the trees and earth! Emotional healing, the ability to adapt and go with the flow attached to elemental water energy!  And of course the vibrancy and fiery energies of the sun create passion, purpose, freedom and overall feelings of knowing satisfaction with who you are!

Amber is a natural resin found in a species of trees called pinaceas. (such as pine and poplar trees) This resin is a protective quality the tree produces to build immunity against pests and external threats. This specific group of trees has adapted this defense mechanism in its life journey to evolve and survive! The resin from this tree is also used as an organic antiseptic to treat fungus/disease and it’s form is one of a liquid, sticky texture to keep bugs away from harming the integrity of the tree! After hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years this liquid resin then hardens as the molecules create a solid polymer chain which transforms itself to mature and then that’s how we get Amber! You may think the most successful way to find Amber is deep within the forest, however Amber is actually found mostly on shorelines! This is because once upon a time the tree itself was taken from the sea level rising, causing the tree itself along with its resin to be deposited on the sea floor! Strong storms, wind, temperature and currents then shake the sea ground up, moving the light weight amber from its bedding and the water currents carry them to the shorelines! How cool right!?


One High Quality Amber tumble will be intuitively chosen for you! 

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