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Lemon Calcite
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Lemon Calcite

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So lemon calcite came on the scene with a powerful force of energy that heals on so many important levels!

Major keys I’ve unlocked working with this vibrant goddess!
-playful attitude, don’t take myself or my life too seriously…have fun and enjoy every moment.
-focus is super important when it comes to setting goals, action is even more important to achieve those goals.
-Balance and openness hold a great value with
this crystal!

Body in motion stays in motion, lemon calcite brings the balance of being set on fire with going after what we want, applying the focus and hard work that must be present in achieving our manifestations and goals, while also keeping our minds clear from negative thinking that may cloud us from believing in ourselves to move forward!

Let’s be real being an adult and making a plan can suck big time, responsibility causes a ton of pressure for some of us so lemon calcites vibe is visually and metaphysical refreshing as it’s energy offers a childlike playfulness, aiding in humility and enjoyment making the process fun!

So get into your solar plexus with lemon calcite and cleanse the old, making room for the new! It’s time to put in work and remember to do it with the intention to have fun!

one lemon calcite orb will be intuitively chosen for you!